US Ex-Im Bank has established a small and medium enterprises division devoted exclusively to serving small and medium-sized US exporters.

The action follows Ex-Im Bank’s announcement of overall organisational changes designed to enable the bank to become more market focused and customer driven. Jeffrey Miller, senior vice-president of the Export Finance Group, announced that Sam Zytcer, is vice-president of the new division.

“Sam Zytcer’s outstanding record of customer service as former vice-president of our business credit division makes him the ideal person to lead this new unit in making our financing tools even easier to access by small and medium-sized enterprises,” Miller says.

This new division, which is part of the export finance group, will bring together in one place the two products most frequently used by small and medium-sized exporters: multi-buyer insurance and working capital guarantees. Previously these products were handled by two separate divisions, the business credit division and the insurance division.

The new division will provide one-stop shopping and faster turnaround to small and medium-sized businesses. Additional Ex-Im Bank appointments will be announced as implementation of the reorganisation continues.