The Andean Development Corporation (CAF) has approved a US$25mn loan for Equadorian waterworks utility Empresa Metropolitana de Alcantarillado y Agua Potable de Quito (EMAAP-Q) for the execution of a water and sanitation project. The objective is to provide quality services to the population in peripheral areas, and guarantee the future supply of drinkable water in the metropolitan district.

The infrastructure works include the construction of a conveyance tunnel, storage tanks, installation of waterworks and sewage networks, sewage collectors and interceptors, supply and installation of micro-meters and residential connections.

The project is part of the long-term investment plan of EMAAP-Q and the Waterworks and Sewerage Master Plan of the city, which guarantees the ordered growth of the coverage of these services consistent with the urban development of the Quito metropolitan area.

The EMAAP-Q utility has prepared a 20-year master investment plan to address the needs of the population of the urban nucleus and peripheral areas with adequate planning of the design and execution of the works.
CAF continues its support for the urban development of the Ecuadorian capital, especially the inclusion of the poorest sectors of the Quito metropolitan area in the potable water system.

The total cost of the project is US$38mn, of which CAF will contribute US$25mn.