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The financial institution members of Afia, The Association of Forfaiters in the Americas, gathered in New York recently at its annual general meeting to elect new officers and a board of directors for the term ending in 2005. 

The new board will comprise:
Orix Trade Capital, Hernan Narea, president.
London Forfaiting Americas, Gregory Bernardi, vice-president.
Banco do Brasil, Bernardo Rothe, treasurer.
WestLB, Donald Asadorian, secretary.
Banco Itau, Dino Sani. 
Deutsche Bank, Inwha Huh.
DF Deutsche Forfait Americas, Juan Carlos Uribe. 
HSBC Securities (USA), Carla Campos. 
JPMorgan Securities, Therese Rabieh. 
Standard Americas, Bruce Fields. 
TD Securities (USA), Pamela Deutsch. 
Wachovia Bank, Hernan Mayol. 

Afia is a not-for-profit corporation incorporated in New York dedicated to fostering and promoting international trade finance in the Americas. The association: 

  •  Educates its members and the public by organising and providing seminars, lectures, convocations and publications on topical areas of international trade finance;
  •  Serves as a medium of exchange of information amongst organisations with an interest in trade finance distribution techniques including forfaiting;
  •  Serves as a specialised trade association offering advice and counsel to interested parties;
  •  Fosters national and international communication, cooperation and understanding by encouraging contact with similar trade organisations overseas;
  •  Seeks to promote the highest degree of ethical and professional standards amongst the membership.