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Ex-Im Bank is providing a medium-term direct loan to support the export of two Beech 1900D aircraft by Raytheon Aircraft Company of <

  • xml:namespace prefix = st1 />Wichita, to Overland Airways, a new airline in Lagos, Nigeria. This is the first Ex-Im-financed aircraft transaction in Nigeria in a number of years. The aircraft are expected to be delivered and placed in service by mid-August 2003.

    “Nigeria has a growing demand for air transportation services and is an important emerging market in sub-Saharan Africa for US-manufactured aircraft. We look forward to doing more aircraft business in this market,” says Joseph Grandmaison, a member of Ex-Im’s board of directors.

    “Raytheon is delighted to be involved with Overland Airways and Ex-Im Bank in providing expanded and reliable domestic air transport in Nigeria. The Beech 1900D is the perfect aircraft to meet Overland’s mission requirements,” says Andrew Mathews, vice-president of Asset Finance for Raytheon Airline Aviation Services.

    Overland Airways is a new Nigerian registered airline that plans to offer scheduled and charter passenger services within Nigeria and on some routes to neighboring countries. The airline is affiliated with Landover Company, an established aviation services firm in Lagos, Nigeria. Ex-Im’s five-year direct loan is guaranteed by Capital Bank International of Lagos, Nigeria, and Landover Company.