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The Community of the Central African States (CCAS) has decided to launch from July 1, a free regional market, destined for commercial exchange and integration process of member countries.

According to the Angolan vice-minister for foreign affairs, George Chicoty, this was one of the decisions taken at the 11th summit of the heads of state and of government of the organisation, which was held recently in Congo Brazzaville.

The launching of this market should comply with the norms of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), which expects, until the year 2008, the globalisation of the world economy.

In this sense, Chicoty said that the summit recommended that the trade ministers of the member countries and the customs services start, as from now, actions which will lead to integration of the regional economy, because it is a matter which has to be the object of constant revision, in order to get better result of the project.