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The African Development Fund (ADF) has approved a grant amounting to UA0.7mn equivalent to US$0.98mn to finance the development study of the road section of an approximate length of 100km linking the locality of Dori in Burkina to that of Tera in Niger . .
The sector goal of the study is to contribute to the improvement and strengthening of roads promoting integration. Its specific objective is to propose the most appropriate road development solution and prepare detailed engineering studies on the level of development chosen.

The first phase of the study consists in determining the feasibility of the project on the basis of an in-depth study of socio-economic and environmental aspects, a preliminary design study which will carry out the alignment works, the optimum solution and the estimated project cost.

The second phase of the study involves carrying out detailed engineering studies on developments (best solution) that will have been decided upon by the governments of Burkina Faso and of Niger in consultation with the bank on completion of the first phase. The main activities provided for in this phase are the preparation of a detailed preliminary design document (APD) and the preparation of bidding documents.

The Dori-T éra road is the only section of the Ouagadougou-Kaya- Dori-Tera-Niamey inter-states highway not yet developed. Its present condition is an obstacle to the pastoral and agricultural resources development of part of the Liptako-Gourma region and to local and international traffic. Thus, the generalised poverty that characterises this region is partly attributed to the quasi-inaccessibility of this area and hence its isolation.

The Liptako-Gourma Authority (LGA), a sub-regional institution created in December 1970 by the governments of Burkina Faso , Mali , and Niger , initiated the development study of the road section linking the locality of Dori in Burkina to that of Tera in Niger . ALG’s first and foremost mission is to promote the integrated development of the Liptako-Gourma region with a view to improving the living conditions of the population. Covering an area of 536,500km2, the wide region of Liptako-Gourma, geographically consists of part of territories in Burkina Faso (57%), Mali (21%) and Niger (10%). This is an area with a population of 14mn, of which nearly 20% is concentrated in urban centres, especially in the capitals of Ouagadougou ( Burkina Faso ) and Niamey ( Niger ), which form an integral part of the zone.

In the context of its mission, ALG has drawn up a vast programme of opening up the region, which is gradually implemented according to mobilised resources. Under this programme, three major priorities were retained: development and strengthening of inter-states major roads, improvement of feeder roads in production areas, particularly mining and agro-pastoral and establishment of a reliable telecommunications system. The most important objective is, through these actions, to reduce poverty in the Liptako-Gourma area in general and in particular, in the project area where more than 50% of the population live below the extreme poverty threshold. The programme falls in line with the general priority actions of Ecowas and Nepad, with regard to regional integration.

The total project cost is estimated at UA0.74mn equivalent to US$1.04mn; the ADF contribution will represent 95% and 2.5% for each one of the two recipient countries. The governments of Burkina Faso and Niger will contribute for an amount of UA20,000 each, equivalent to US$28,000.