The internet of things (IoT) is not a new idea: the first internet-connected toaster, for example, was unveiled as far back as 1989.

What is new, however, is the realisation among those involved in the financial services market that the concept is going to be a game-changer for the trade and trade finance industry.

As our writer explains in this issue’s cover story, the leap between the IoT’s application in everyday devices such as household appliances and its use in the world of trade finance is not as large as we might expect. And with Gartner, a technology research and advisory company, forecasting that there’ll be more than 26 billion internet-linked devices and appliances in use worldwide by 2020, it’s an application that the trade finance market would do well to heed.

Our story looks at the physical manifestations and use cases of the IoT and the role that blockchain can play to enhance the transparency and speed of financial transactions, and calls for co-operation among market players so that the industry can take advantage of the technology on offer.

Also included in this issue is our annual Sibos Supplement, a publication dedicated to what we think will be the popular talking points at this annual event. This year our coverage spans from evolving payment trends to financial crime compliance and innovations in technology.

We also include an “A-Z” of innovation in the trade finance space: a round-up of the popular trends that GTR continues to track. We look forward to catching up with you all in Geneva and hearing your thoughts on what will shape our industry going forward.

In this issue: