The 2022 metacrisis

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2022 is a year of crisis. However, it is not just about Ukraine. It actually reflects a global systemic metacrisis. In short, the post-‘45, ‘71, ‘78, and ‘91 paradigms are all
crumbling, bringing the global architecture down with it. Our long-held economic and political philosophies no longer appear fit for purpose.

Clearly new architecture will be built, but by whom? Where? On what basis? In which currency? As this process is, and will be, disputed, geopolitical tensions and market volatility will only increase. In particular, commodity trading will become increasingly politicised; trade patterns will remain disrupted; inflation will remain stubbornly high - or growth far lower than expected; FX rates will swing; and interest rates will rise higher than expected. All of these are parts of the collapsing systemic architecture - as well as the birth of any potential new one. 2022 will not mark the end of this metacrisis, just a more open recognition of it.

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