EuroFin Asia Group (EFA) has hired Catherine Husin as finance manager. Husin will be responsible for all group financial reporting, treasury and accounting with a particular focus on the fund management activities.

Husin has recently completed her MBA at National University of Singapore. Before this, she worked for KPMG International in Jakarta for four years, holding a number of increasingly senior auditing positions. She has also completed an internship at the Association of Banks in Singapore.

Founded in 2004, EFA Group is the holding company of EuroFin Asia and EuroFin Investments. EuroFin Asia is a Singapore and Hong Kong-based independent service provider of high-end, tailor-made advisory services in structured trade and project finance for medium-sized enterprises and industries in Asia. EuroFin Investments is a Singapore boutique hedge fund manager making alternative investments in asset backed trade and structured trade finance transactions in Asian emerging markets.

EFA Group has aimed to position itself as an Asia-based, independent leader in the industry, providing integrated advisory solutions in trade, structured trade, project and commodity finance, private equity participations, alternative finance, treasury services and forfaiting, offset and countertrade operations.