The eBSI Export Academy has launched a new trade finance e-learning certificate programme under the auspices of the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

The programme is dedicated to building global capacity in international trade finance through new and innovative learning methods.

The objective of the course is to provide trade finance specialists and vendors with comprehensive knowledge covering international standard practices and procedures required under the various rules in international trade finance, and contains video lessons on how to finance various types of international trade transactions.

“Capacity building is a major component of the IFC Global Trade Finance Programme. The road to sustainable international trade finance which reduces operational risk for IFC partner banks is challenging, because to achieve lasting results, robust capacity strengthening is necessary. We hope that this innovative capacity building product, which complements the already existing IFC classroom trainings, will help in preparing the next generation of international trade finance specialists with expertise valuable not only for emerging markets but for the international trade finance community across the world,” says Marcelle Ayo, global lead of trade advisory of the IFC’s global trade & commodity finance department.

Upon successful completion of the assessment tests, participants are awarded with 16 Professional Development Units from the Institute of Financial Services in the United Kingdom. The course runs online, and is also available on mobile devices.

GTR reported earlier this year that the demise of correspondent banking relationships globally is leading to a lack of knowledge transfer amongst trade finance institutions.

“The World Bank’s support in strengthening trade finance capacity and competency includes assistance in developing a new version of the formerly-named IFC FIT Initiative, which was originally piloted in Pakistan and Bangladesh, but which grew to nine countries in Africa and Asia and 800 graduates before being formally adopted as a global IFC training product this year,” explains Thomas Smith, CEO of eBSI Export Academy, the company managing the programme.

“This innovative online programme offers a standardised training and assessment regime to all IFC Global Trade Finance partners and is a valuable resource for any financial institution wishing to access a cost effective training and a path towards an international trade finance certification.”