Opic has announced a new US$200mn financial facility to support US private sector investment in Ukraine, as well as US$40mn in Opic financing for projects in Ukraine’s housing and microfinancing sectors. The announcement was the latest in a yearlong series of OPIC initiatives to support US investment in Ukraine.


The US$200mn private sector facility will help mobilise private capital and support US businesses investing in Ukraine.


Opic will provide a US$30mn loan to a new Ukrainian mortgage bank, International Mortgage Bank, which will originate residential mortgage loans in Ukraine, thereby helping the country modernise its mortgage lending industry. The bank was founded and capitalised by Western NIS Enterprise Fund (WNISEF), a US government-funded private equity fund.


In the second project, Opic will provide a US$10mn loan to help an international bank operating in Ukraine to increase the availability of financial services to micro and small businesses throughout the country. The bank, ProCredit Bank Ukraine, is the only such institution in the country focused on financing small and medium-sized enterprises, and is owned in part by the same private equity fund, WNISEF, involved in the mortgage project.


Opic’s loan will enable the bank to provide around 10,000 additional loans within the next five years.