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Coface Collections North America, the US firm involved in international accounts receivable management and commercial debt collection, has announced the integration of its US operations. Its division, Newton & Associates, will now operate as Coface Collections North America.


Coface Collections North America is part of the global Coface group of companies. Coface North America provides services to help companies manage, protect and finance their accounts receivable. Coface operates in 60 countries and maintains partnerships that extend its reach to 93 countries. As a company within the global network, Coface Collections North America has the largest international presence of any commercial collection company in the US, with the ability to collect in the local language and under local law around the world. Clients benefit both from a local customer service contact and a worldwide operation services through Coface collections team operations.


The company provides export and domestic commercial debt collection, receivables management outsourcing and a large variety of collection services.


The company’s main operations are in Metairie, Louisiana, with regional offices in Tucson, Arizona; Denver, Colorado; East Windsor, New Jersey; and Vancouver, Washington.