GTR Africa 2022 London – Post-event wrap up

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GTR Africa 2022 returned to London on November 2 to provide the latest developments on a range of topics including trade and commodities, ECA and infrastructure finance, sustainable development, fintech innovations and more.

Firmly established as the leading London-based trade finance gathering for Africa-focused corporates and financiers, event participants received the opportunity to connect with all corners of the market, from local and international banks to multinational corporations and SMEs, independent financiers, commodity brokers and traders, insurers and risk managers, lawyers, consultants, ECAs, multilaterals and more!

Delivering a cutting-edge agenda, over 40 speakers highlighted a variety of in-depth sessions on key issues impacting on Africa’s trade and export finance markets.

We hope to see you in 2023!

Conference Videos

GTR Africa 2022 London – Post-event wrap up

GTR Africa 2022 returned to London on November 2 to provide the latest developments on a range of...

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