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GTR Ventures has agreed an equity investment in Fineon Exchange.

GTR Ventures (GTRV) is the world’s leading trade finance and supply chain venture building and investment company, while Fineon Exchange is a global marketplace for trade finance assets.

GTRV will work with Fineon to help build its business through global expansion and connections to the global trade finance marketplace. GTRV leverages its connections, introductions and marketing strength through its connection to GTR, the world’s leading news and events media company in the global trade, commodity, export and supply chain finance space.

Fineon Exchange connects businesses who have working capital finance needs with a range of financial institutions seeking to insure and fund such assets. Its easy-to-use trading platform and associated reporting functions democratise access to trade finance and enable counterparties to transact more efficiently.

Powered by artificial intelligence, Fineon’s secure and API-driven platform presents businesses’ trade finance requests in an optimal manner and maximises potential matches with funding partners, thereby enabling them and their advisors to manage their working capital needs efficiently. Funders are able to benefit from credit insurance to protect international trade payment facilities, general corporate loans and other financial assets against default.

“This is an exciting development for Fineon Exchange. We are delighted to be entering into this partnership with GTRV, and on the back of their introductions, look forward to supporting more exporters, brokers and financial institutions with our unique service,” says Fineon Exchange’s chief executive officer, Dominic Broom.

“Fineon is a welcome addition to the GTR Ventures family of trade-related investments. We recognise a solid and experienced team behind Fineon, plus a strong mission to solve the funding and insurance gaps facing many exporters. By tying in with GTRV, Fineon instantly accesses the global target audiences it needs to connect to,” says Peter Gubbins, director of GTRV in London.