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After 35 years working in the City of

  • London, Louis Nicola, head of lending and trade finance at Banco do Brasil, has decided to take early retirement.

    Nicola says: “I feel that the time is right to savour the fruits of my labour. To say I have enjoyed my long association with Banco do Brasil is indeed an understatement. My career with the bank has embraced all facets of lending, structured and trade finance, forfaiting, guarantees and business development to name but a few. My work at the bank has always been interesting and varied and although it is indeed sad to bid farewell to my  many good friends in the banking and commercial fraternity, I am initially looking forward to a more relaxed lifestyle whilst who knows what the future holds, my most immediate concern is to gain a degree of proficiency in chasing the little white ball across the golf course!

    “Timothy Blood, who has worked closely with me for the past 13 years, will assume my responsibilities and has the support of an excellent trade finance team. Who knows, if boredom sets in, my ghost may return!”