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  • Applying international standard banking practice

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    12 May 2017

    £199 (all 12 modules)


Course Summary

General Principles A1-A20
General Principles A21-A41
Multimodal Transport Documents
Bill of Lading
Non-Negotiable Sea Waybills
Charter Party Bills of Lading
Air Transport Documents
Road, Rail or Inland Waterway Transport Documents
Insurance Documents and Coverage
Other Documents

Training course content

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About the training provider

Trade finance modules include all aspects of the processes and practices in relation to the traditional trade finance products i.e., Letters of Credit, Standby Letters of Credit, Guarantees and Documentary Collections.
There are also modules covering the processes and practices for topics such as Bank Payment Obligation, Supply Chain Financing and modules to support industry examinations such as CDCS and CITF. There is also a module covering Financial Crime, Fraud and Sanctions.
For corporate and logistics companies, there is a module covering the preparation of documents under the type of transactions described above, assessing the workability of letters of credit, guarantees and standby’s, as well as how to complete the respective application forms when acting as applicant or preparing a draft text for issuance by a bank.
The training experience includes an online presentation of the subject matter, supporting reading material (PDF files that may be downloaded) and individual assessments. In addition, we offer each student the ability to raise with us any questions on the subject matter for a period commencing on the date of the first access to the training and concluding three months after completion of the assessment.

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