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GTR Magazine - Nov/Dec 2014

New kids on the block

On the 70th anniversary of the Bretton Woods Conference, have the World Bank and co finally met their match? Finbarr Bermingham reports.

Political risk insurance: Making headlines

The sharp rise in country risk across a cluster of emerging markets this year is engaging minds in the political risk insurance (PRI) community in ways not seen since 2007/08, writes Kevin Godier. 

BPO: An honest conversation

With 15 banks now ‘live’ with the bank payment obligation (BPO) GTR decided it was time to revisit the dialogue on the two issues plaguing the instrument of late: its potential and its positioning in the market, matters which the trade finance industry is seemingly only now getting to grips with.

Corporate insight on regulation

GTR’s Shannon Manders chaired a session at Sibos on the increased impact of regulation on corporates, with the aim of providing better insight into the ever-changing regulatory landscape and the affects it has on treasury management.

Spotlight on Asia

Is regulation limiting trade finance flows in Asia and is the Qingdao port scandal just the tip of the iceberg? GTR Asia gathered its editorial board in Singapore to discuss.

Malaysia: A new Asean age

After decades of industrial growth, Malaysia has cemented its place as one of Southeast Asia’s most vibrant trading economies. Jason McGee-Abe takes a closer look at the country taking over the Asean chairmanship.

Opening doors in Asia

EU-China trade has increased dramatically in recent years and China is now the EU’s second trading partner behind the US and the biggest source of imports. With that in mind, GTR gathered together a group of experts to discuss the facts and figures.

Financing in Africa: Going local

As African trade flows begin to alter to reflect greater demand for the capital goods needed for industrialisation, so African banks are beginning to adapt. Elsewhere, non-bank institutions are finding a rich seam financing trade in riskier SME markets, writes Sarah Rundell.

Lebanon gas faces headwinds

Lebanon’s natural gas potential could transform the country into a net energy exporter, but there are a whole host of issues to contend with before production, or even exploration, can commence, writes Freddie Heritage.

NAFTA Report: Two decades on

As the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) celebrates its 20th birthday, Eleanor Wragg takes a look at the effect it has had on its partner countries, and what lies ahead for further economic integration.

Argentina's default: Yet another blow to Mercosur

Just 13 years after Argentina’s economy ground to a halt, its peso reduced to rubble by the corralito, South America’s second-largest country has yet again confirmed its ‘basket case’ status, writes Eleanor Wragg.

Guyana: All gold and bounty

Guyana looks set for a boom in production and export of its natural resources and commodities. The opportunities and returns could be even more plentiful if this South American underdog polished up its lacklustre risk profile, writes Dentons lawyer David Williams.

DHL corporate profile: Stand and deliver

GTR speaks to John Pearson, the European chief executive of DHL Express, the courier delivery service of the German-owned logistics giant, to find out about the role it plays in international trade and the patterns he notices in trade development.

More bang for the buck

The GTS Remuneration and Earnings Report 2014 reveals that professionals in trade and transactions services are having to work a lot harder for their compensation, writes Global Trade Search director Sarah Hutton.

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